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At Reliant Gases our CO2 is captured, cleaned and produced by in-house, allowing us to make our products with the highest quality controls available.

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Common Carbon Dioxide Applications

We take pride in being a problem-solving trusted provider centered around customer relationships. We continually strive to expand service capabilities, industry and application knowledge and our brand awareness through customer satisfaction and our extensive industry networks.  

Reliant Gases - Carbon Dioxide for Food Processing.

Food Processing

Carbon dioxide is used as a refrigerant in cryogenic freezing and chilling systems to improve product quality and appearance, minimize dehydration loss and increase shelf life. In addition it's used (in a multi gas mixture) for Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) to improve shelf life and improve the appearance of your packaged products.

Reliant Gases - Carbon Dioxide for Beverages


Carbon dioxide is the basic ingredient in carbonated drinks where it enhances the flavor and conveys freshness. The majority of our plants are designed to meet the stringent requirements of this industry and our Quality Control team works to stay abreast the industry changes. Reliant Gases is the chosen partner to the major bottlers across the United States.

Reliant Gases - Carbon Dioxide for water/effluent treatment

Water/Effluent Treatment

Whether it is to conform to local discharge standards or to treat water for downstream use, companies and municipalities use carbon dioxide to reduce the pH of their process water.  Carbon dioxide can replace other harsher and more dangerous acids as it is safer, less corrosive and easier to handle and store than other types of acids.

Reliant Gases - Medical and Pharmaceutical Image

Medical and Pharmaceutical

Carbon dioxide (mixed with Oxygen or Air) is used in the healthcare industry as an insufflation gas during minimally invasive surgery and in the removal of warts, skin tags and moles. It is widely used in pharmaceutical plants to control the reaction temperatures. Reliant Gases has strategically located plants to provide this special grade of carbon dioxide (USP) to the widest possible geographic area.

Reliant Gases - Fire Suppression Image

Fire Suppression

Carbon dioxide smothers fires without damaging or contaminating materials. It is used for fighting fires when water or other methods are ineffective and or undesirable.

Reliant Gases - Carbon Dioxide for agriculture


Carbon dioxide is used to increase the growth rate of plants and to maximize harvest and yield. It is also be used to control the pH of the irrigation water at greenhouses.

Reliant Gases - Carbon Dioxide for refrigerant systems

Refrigerant Systems

Carbon dioxide closed loop systems are used to replace ammonia systems at cold storage facilities, grocery stores and even at some food processing plants.

Reliant Gases - Carbon Dioxide for metal fabrication and welding

Metal Fabrication and Welding

Carbon dioxide is one of the gases that is commonly used as a shielding gas to prevent atmospheric contamination and to reduce splatter in the welding process.

Services We Provide

As a full service carbon dioxide supplier, Reliant Gases provides a full range of technical, application and installation services.

Reliant Gases - CO2 Application Support.

Application Support

When you are looking for ways to improve your process, reduce your costs, pondering "what if's" or even require a special piece of equipment to be fabricated at our in-house ASME coded shop, our engineers are ready to assist.

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Reliant Gases - Equipment rental

Equipment Rental & Maintenance

Whether you are looking for a simple short term tank rental or a long term lease of a complete storage and supply system, Reliant has the capability to provide you with the right equipment at a competitive price and on-time installation

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Reliant Gases - Special Projects image

Special Projects

Due to our size and the unique multi-faceted  capabilities of the Reliant Companies, we can respond quickly to provide the right solution....

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